Lectures and Trainings

As one of the global pioneers in legal procurement, Arturo is frequently invited to participate in lectures, events, and training sessions related to the legal industry, where he shares his insights on the sector’s trends and evolution as well as other current topics.

Given his position at ValistiQ, Arturo has the privilege of observing and experiencing firsthand the day-to-day operations of legal and tax departments and their relationships with law firms, service providers, and Legaltech vendors.

Therefore, he has a unique perspective on the challenges and demands faced by in-house lawyers, the true criteria employed in their procurement processes, and the main points of friction that exist in their relationships with providers. Additionally, due to his background in business development and extensive experience in tender processes, beauty contests and RFPs, Arturo is frequently contacted by law firms seeking to enhance their commercial skills.

Amongst other services, Arturo gives presentations and provides training to:


    • Law firms: on methods to make their service offerings and proposals more attractive, developing commercial skills for partners or senior associates, improving success rates in RFP/RFQ processes, legal market trends, and adapting to new client demands, etc.
    • Companies: training procurement departments in legal and tax services procurement (selecting the appropriate firms for each matter, determining the scope of services, structuring the proposal, service level KPIs, fee negotiation, etc.).
    • Business schools: teaching subjects related to changes in the legal sector, the integration of new lawyers into the market, the evolving role of in-house counsel and law firm lawyers, and the digital transformation of corporate legal departments.

Business development for law firms and service providers

Based on his experience and strong network of contacts, Arturo also provides services to law firms that need local support in other countries or simply want to establish new connections with other law firms or legal service providers in different jurisdictions. In other words, he helps build trusted relationships with independent, flexible firms with proven expertise and competitive fees for collaboration in:

  • Projects requiring specific local support in another jurisdiction: including legal support in any practice area, company formation or acquisition, legal representatives, immigration matters, business process outsourcing, due diligence, etc.
  • Generating synergies and mutual business opportunities: assisting in the selection of other law firms for alliances, joint business opportunities, acquisition processes of smaller firms, etc.

All these services are provided free of charge through ValistiQ, particularly through its Trust Bridges business line. Following each client’s instructions, ValistiQ selects those providers that meet the client’s requirements, request proposals, arranges introductory calls, and supports in the negotiation of collaboration conditions.

Generation of business opportunities

Arturo supports various investment funds, companies, and individuals in the search for business and investment opportunities (Real Estate, renewable energy projects, business assets, etc.), leveraging his contacts with law firms, companies, and funds in different countries. He assists in finding buyers, sellers, and investors in a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions, offering his services on a 100% success basis.

As cofounder and managing partner of ValistiQ, Arturo works daily with companies and investment funds, advising and representing them in their processes for hiring law firms and other professional service providers (audit firms, accounting, payroll, engineering, asset management, consulting, etc.).

Through a customized and free service, ValistiQ selects and fosters healthy competition among firms with proven expertise, helping its clients engage the best providers for each matter and sector, always in line with their company’s standards. Therefore, with a minimal time investment its clients receive proposals from firms that perfectly match their needs, provide an outstanding customer experience and offer an excellent service-scope-price relationship.